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Site Searches Made Simple

To assist you when searching for a business card or content, it's suggested you following the following steps:

1) Go to the search box in the upper-right corner of any page. 2) Use the drop-down indicator to select whether you want to search for business card images or website text. (Note: The default is set to find "business cards.")
3) When searching, separate keywords with spaces.
4) Keywords are not case sensitive.
5) Search by last name, first name or if there is no name on the card, by business name.

If you find your business card here and want to upgrade the advertising plan to increase your chances of being seen by viewers, contact us.

Finding Business Cards Listed Under Our FREE Plan

As of April, 2017, the 18,000+ business cards CLICKmyCARD advertises were submitted online by viewers or Affiliates or collected directly from the cardholders. Most of these cards are setup under our FREE business card advertising plan. "FREE" cards do not have keywords or profiles associated with them. Until an advertiser chooses to upgrade their advertising plan, these cards may only be found by 1) searching for an individual's name on the card or 2) if there is no individual's name, searching by the company name.

Finding Business Cards Listed Under Our BASIC Plan

The differences between a business card listed under our BASIC plan and one under our FREE plan are simple. 1) Advertisers may link two keywords to the business card to increase it's chance of being found by a viewer and 2) There is a small annual fee for this service.

Finding Business Cards Listed Under Our X1, X2 or X3 Plans

These three "X" business card advertising plans include an increasing number of plan benefits and keywords for improved business card "discoverability." If you're proud that your name is on a business card and you want CLICKmyCARD's best advertising and marketing solution, the "X3" plan on this site is the best way to go.
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