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There are several hundred known collectors of business cards, especially antique cards, celebrity cards, or cards made of unusual materials. Many collectors exchange cards with other members, simply for the price of postage.

American Business Card Club (ABCC)
Founder: Darrell Christopher
Karen Proctor, President & Editor
2700 S.R. 232 Bethel, Ohio, USA 45106

International Business Card Club (IBCC)
Founder: Sheila Shoen
Jack Gurner , On-Line Group Moderator
116 Dupuy Street Water Valley, Mississippi USA 38965

Midwest Business Card Collectors

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Make a BIG Impression With These Four EASY Business Card Tricks

Miracles With Your Business Cards by Jay Sankey

Make a Business Card Disappear

How to Do Amazing Business Card Trick | Magic Tricks

Awesome Business Card Trick

Trade show booth Business Card Magic Trick

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