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CLICKmyCARD advertises interactive, digital media business cards for professionals and businesses. That's what we do and we think we do it better than any competitor. Below you'll find pricing details on CmC's advertising plans and related services. View our Today's Advertising Deals page to see if you're eligible for special rebates.

The following five business card advertising plans are available for anybody or any business with a business card.

X3 Business Card Advertising Plan ($195.00 annually)

Get details by clicking here: X3.

X2 Business Card Advertising Plan ($145.00 annually)

Get details by clicking here: X2.

X1 Business Card Advertising Plan ($95.00 annually)

Get details by clicking here: X1.

Basic Business Card Advertising Plan ($45.00 annually)

Get details by clicking here: Basic.

FREE Business Card Advertising Plan ($0.00 annually)

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After you've decided on the best business card advertising plan for your needs, consider adding even more promotion to your online presence.

Featured Card Advertising ($245.00 annually)

These business cards are presented on the homepage of CLICKmyCARD assuring they’ll get maximum views.  They’re divided into nine categories (Hottest, Professionals, Service Pros, Businesses, Places, eCommerce, Groups, Charities & Gov’t).  These business cards randomly rotate within their designated category providing impartial displays for all.  Cards link to profiles to assure a direct connection between an advertiser's card and their more detailed presentation.

"Talking" Business Card ($20.00 Annual Hosting Fee + Creation Fee)

Produced by one of our CmC partners, your business card can be brought to life with animation and sound. The rate above is for posting to this site only. Development costs vary based upon your specific requirements. They are to be discussed and paid directly to our business partner.

Local Community Card Advertising ($95.00 annually)

Not yet available. This service will launch in the first quarter of 2017. Check back soon.

Banner Advertising (Scheduled for 2Q2017)

Banner ads are not yet available on CLICKmyCARD.  They will begin appearing in the second quarter of 2017.  In all likelihood, they will be restricted to the support and promotion of future contests on this website.

The following information will provide details on what's being considered at this time:

Location: Contest pages only.

Position: Fixed.  Six in total.

Pixel size: 468x60

Display type: Company logo with external link.

Display time: Contest duration.

Color: Full color permitted.

Animation: No.

Sound: No.

Maximum file size: 15k

Price: ???

Sales Coupons (Scheduled for 2Q2017)

Custom coupons are a great way for businesses to attract customers.  CLICKmyCARD will soon be offering a very easy to use and inexpensive digital media solution to create custom coupons for our advertisers.  Coupons give people an incentive to patronize your business or use your service.  Stay tuned.


Additional charges that may be applied, when required.

Advertising Credits ($50.00 each)

Maybe you have a relative or friend who’s in business or a business professional. Maybe there’s a hardworking entrepreneur you’re aware of who deserves an advertising break to jump-start his or her venture. Maybe you want to assist a U.S. military veteran. CLICKmyCARD ad credits may be the way to go. There’s no better way of recognizing someone’s work here than by purchasing business card advertising services for them.

Simply choose the amount of credits you wish to give as a gift (anonymous or not). CLICKmyCARD will contact the fortunate individual with the information you provide. The person receiving your thoughtful gift will have numerous opportunities to put their credits to good use here.

Account Setup Fee ($20.00 one time)

This amount will be applied only once when you first become a CLICKmyCARD advertiser.

Business Card Or Profile Revisons ($20.00 per hour)

Should your business card or profile ever need to be updated, changes can be made quickly and as often as you like.

Website Link Exchange (FREE)

We will exchange links with websites that meet our advertisers' standards.


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How Long Is The Billing Period For Services?

One year

What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

We accept all major credit cards through our PayPal business account.  Certified checks may be mailed to the address provided on the Contact page.

How Do I Pay For Advertising?

As an online business dealing with viewers who are often comfortable with online transactions, CLICKmyCARD makes online payments easy. Details for paying offline are also provided.


Login to to setup or use your existing PayPal account. Make all payments to: Include details in the comments area about the transaction.


Information to pay by check will be provided in February, 2017. In the meantime, please use our online payment system or contact us if that’s not possible.


To accommodate those business people who wish to advertise here but don’t have the money to do so, CLICKmyCARD will consider trade offers. Sometimes, surplus goods or professional services are more readily available than money. Typically, this would be done for a business item or service that we, or our clients may benefit from. This not a common or preferred practice but it is an option we offer to help those in need. If you are in this situation and a deal can be made, we will approve trades at a 1.5X (miscellaneous for us) to 1X (advertising for you) exchange rate. Contact us with your offer.