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Why We Exist

We advertise business cards as a gateway for viewers to connect with our advertisers. This website was designed to best present business cards to viewers on behalf of our advertisers. Our goal is to be the interactive digital media leader in business card advertising. We invite comparison with any competitor and welcome your opinion. Contact us with your feedback or if you have questions about advertising with CLICKmyCARD.

Member vs. Non-Member Advertisers

► Member advertisers are professionals or businesses that have paid a fee to display their business cards on CLICKmyCARD. They are proud of the business their work and provide additional information about themselves for our viewers on unique Business Profile pages.

► Non-member advertisers are professionals or businesses that have have not paid a fee to display their business cards on CLICKmyCARD. Their business card stands alone to promote what it is that they do. There is no Business Profile page. It should be noted that this advertising option was chosen by the business card owner or, the card was submitted to us by a viewer with good intentions to acknowledge their satisfaction with that professional or business.

How & Where To Search

► To search for member advertisers that are part of our online business card community, input keywords in the box below.

► To search for non-member advertisers whose cards are displayed for FREE, go to this page and input keywords in that search box.
Is Your Card Already Here

Anybody with a business card may advertise it here providing there's no conflict with any of the requirements described in our Legal section. Each of the thousands of business cards received from viewers and advertisers have satisfied those requirements. We appreciate that and emails confirm our viewers do too.

FREE business card displays here are exactly that... FREE. There is nothing to pay for and no obligation to do anything at all. The effectiveness of this type of business card advertising has it's limits though. Either of our three "paid" business card advertising plans are much better for advertising and marketing as they're more likely to be found and "clicked."

"FREE" vs. "Fee-Paid" Business Card Searches


Search by first name, last name or business name if there is no individual's name on the business card. Results are displayed by using a separate search box but not the one used to display fee-paid business cards and site content. As a benefit and only at the cardholder's request, anytime a business card listed here is upgraded to a fee-paid plan, a 10% discount will be rebated after payment.


Search by any of the items in the FREE plan PLUS many other elements, based upon which of the "X" plans you've selected. As you'll see, the X3 plan is far and away the best deal we have for business-savvy individuals. Not only that but a unique Business Profile page will be created for you to describe in more detail better than any business card could about who you are and what you or your business does.

Now that you know a bit more about the four business card advertising plans that CLICKmyCARD offers, search to see if your card is already here (NOTE: As we're still uploading thousands of business card images to the website, it's possible that we have your card but it's not yet online. Contact us to inquire if you don't find it.)
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