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This is where you'll find the individuals and businesses advertised in the Featured Cards section on the CLICKmyCARD homepage. These people are proud of what they do and the services or products they have to offer. They pay more to be seen here to attract your attention. You'll find that they are deserving of it.
What Is A Featured Card?

Featured business cards are specially advertised cards found on the CLICKmyCARD homepage and displayed elsewhere throughout the website. They provide maximum exposure and the best opportunity to be "clicked" by a viewer.

They're posted in one of the following nine categories:

  • Hottest
  • Professionals
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    Featured Card Advertiser Directory

    The following Featured Card advertisers are listed by category and in alphabetical order. Visit their profile pages by clicking on their name.


    Braverman, Robert (Business Writing) *CmC Partner
    Chaves, Adriana (Spanish Translation)
    Demedina, Pedro (MarijuanaJuan.com)
    GetItForCredit (Credit)
    Herbert, Peter (Premium Domains)
    Motley, Terry (Social Media, Videos) *CmC Partner
    Weill, Alexander (Capital)


    Chesler, Norman (Certified Clinical Counselor)
    Hardy, Leysa (Psychotherapist)
    Kampessis, Basil (Lawyer)
    Taiman, Edward (Lawyer)
    Teles, Valeria (Trainer, Writer)
    Vaynshteyn, Alla (Event Planning)
    Yeung, Mei (Real Estate Salesperson)

    Service Pros

    Bomzer, Alan (Plumber)
    Demedina, Herb (Exterminator)
    Giordano, C (Contractor)


    Chaves, Jose (Leather Goods)
    Cherepinskiy, Aleksey (General Manager)
    Fromer, Yevgen (Business & Franchise Broker)
    Kleipe, Shawn (Digital & Graphic Arts) *CmC Partner
    Larsen, Lauren (Power Cooling)
    Lawrence Used Vehicle Buying Selling (Used Cars)
    New Sound Productions (Music)
    Sall, Ndeye (Organic Skin Care Products)


    Court Street Bagels (Bagels)
    Ebanks, Michele (Assistant Property Manager)


    Sandila, Adnan (Web Design) *CmC Partner
    Solomon, Lyena (Web Optimization Analyst)
    Thummerer, Michael (Software Design)


    Crosscup, Blair (Aquatics Director)


    Twomley, Ernie (Children)


    Hasert, Jason (Field Representative)